Cisco Networking Fundamentals


Cisco Certification Tracks, Exam, Building a Lab

OSI and TCP IP Models
TCP and UDP Protocols
Infrastructure Components (Firewalls, Acces Points, Wireless Controllers)
Network Topologies (Star, Mesh, Hybrid)
Cabling Types (Copper Straight-Through, Cross-over, Roll-over, Fiber)
IPV4 Addressing, Subnetting, and Types (Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast)

Internetwork Operating System (Initial Device Configuration)
Cisco IOS Tools For Troubleshooting (Ping and Traceroute)

Switching Concepts (MAC Learning and Aging, Frame Switching, Frame Flooding, MAC Address Table)
Ethernet Frame Format
Interface and Cabling Issues (Collisions, Errors, Duplex, Speed)
Virtual Local Area Network (Data and Voice Access Ports, Default)
Interswitch Connectivity (Trunk Ports, Add/Remove VLANs,  802.1Q, Native VLAN)
Layer 2 Protocols (Cisco Discovery Protocol, Link Layer Discovery Protocol)

Routing Concepts (Packet Handling, Forwarding Decision, Frame Rewrite)
Components of a Routing Table (Prefix, Network Mask, Next Hop, Routing Protocol Code, Admnistrative Distance, Metric, Gateway of Last resort)
Routing Table and Routing Information (Administrative Distance)
Disctance Vector and Link State Routing Protocols
IPV4 Static Routing (Default Route, Nework Route, Host Route, Floating Static)

DNS Look-up Operation
DNS Client Connectivity Issues
Dynamic Host Control Protocol (Server, Relay, Client, TFTP, DNS, Gateway Options)
Client and Router-Based DHCP Connectivity
Inside Source Network Address Translation (Static, Pool, Port Address Translation)
Port Security (Static, Dynamic, Sticky, Max MAC Address, Violation Actions, Err-Disable Recovery)
IPV4  Access List Traffic Filtering (Standard, Extended, Named)
Basic Device Hardening(Local Authentication, Secure Password, Access to Device Tlenet/SSH, Login Banner)


Get Started with Cisco CLI
Perform Basic Switch Configuration
Observe How a Switch Operates
Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues
Inspect TCP/IP Applications
Start with Cisco Router Configuration
Configure Cisco Discovery Protocol
Configure Default Gateway
Explore Packet Forwarding
Configure and Verify Static Routes
Configure and Verify ACLs
Configure a Provider-Assigned IP Address
Configure Static NAT
Configure NAT Overload with PAT
Configure VLAN and Trunk
Configure a Router on a Stick
Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP Server
Enhance Security of Initial Configuration
Limit Remote Access Connectivity
Configure and Verify Port Security